Stay Tuned For Upcoming Events

Details regarding our upcoming events will be updated soon. You can watch our previous events from the library below.

Nature-based Solutions for Flood Management

The Project Urban Living Lab (PULL) has worked strengthening the capacity of government officials to implement Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in Panaji, Goa. At this event, Dr. Mathur spoke about NbS for flood mitigation.

Social Imaginaries of Resilient Cities: Gobeshona 2022

Transitions Research, along with Forum for the Future, organised this working session at the Gobeshona Global Conference 2022 to explore how social imaginaries of resilience are shaping visions of resilient futures and adaptation actions.

Project Urban Living Lab (PULL) Learning Event

The Project Urban Living Lab held a learning event to share its unique approach of experimentation and lab-based learning and highlight the solutions developed over the course of the project.